Translation check list

We have prepared the check list below to help you get the best quote for the translation most appropriate for your needs and budget. We hope you find it useful.
If you are unclear about anything or need help we are here to help you. Simply call us on +86 021 5216 0878 or email us on and we'll call you completely free of charge and without obligation.

Approximately how many words does the document you need translating contain?
Word count is one of the most important elements in working out the cost and time required to complete your translation. We must have at least a good idea of how many words you will need translating before we can give you an accurate quote.

Unlike some companies, Loveconf Translations never quote based on the number of words/characters in the target (or 'finished') document and are suspicious of those who do. Why would you want to give your supplier an incentive to produce 'sloppy', overly long winded text?

If your document is in Microsoft Word format, you can find out how many words your document contains very easily. Simply go to the "File" menu and select the "Properties" option and check the "Statistics" tab. Word automatically counts the words as shown in the example below. Caution: Microsoft Word does not count words which are in text boxes or graphics. We have special software which can do this and will be happy to analyse your document for you.

If your document is not in Word format, don't worry, we have tools which can estimate the number of words in almost any document (even hand-written ones and websites) quickly and easily.

Which type of translation do you need?

What is the ultimate purpose of the translation? Do you want to use it in-front of your customers or is it purely for internal or personal use? Loveconf Translations offer three types of translation to satisfy every need and budget.

Business Critical Translations Business communication beyond mere translation. Independently edited & proof-read by sector experts for 100% satisfaction. Guaranteed.
Standard Business Translations Accurate, effective business translations you can trust.
First Draft Translations Budget translations for internal company use.

When is your deadline?

We can almost always meet your deadlines, no matter how demanding however it is important that we have a good idea of when you need the translation as tight deadlines can sometimes affect the price we have to charge.

What format is your document currently in?

It's important that we know what format your original document is in. Is it in a machine readable format such as Microsoft Word or PDF or is it hand-written, typed or faxed?

How would you like your translated document to be presented back to you?

We can supply documents as standard computer files and regular hard-copy quickly and easily. We can also provide documents in special file formats or on film as required by printing bureaus to produce business cards and office stationary.

Which language(s) do you need your document translating into?

SWhich language pair (or pairs) do you need you document translating into? We are used to handling large projects requiring multiple languages pairs but the number of language pairs required obviously affects the time and cost of the work.

How complex is your document?

Is your document simple plain text or does it contain complex tables, diagrams and other graphic which need translating? We can translate all types of documents but the more complex the original document then the more time and effort will be required. This extra time and effort will be reflected in the price charged.

What level of specialist knowledge is required

If your document is highly technical or specialist in nature we want to be absolutely sure we place the work with someone who is qualified and experienced in the subject matter. That is why we always ask to see a sample (or, if possible, the whole document) before quoting. We take confidentiality very seriously and are happy to sign any commercial non-disclosure agreement (NDA) you deem appropriate. If you don't have a standard NDA then we can even supply you with an NDA template free of charge.

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