Interpreter pricing explained

Interpreter pricing basics
You are buying the time and expertise of an individual interpreter or team of interpreters.

Loveconf Translations are careful to price each interpreting assignment separately to ensure you receive the service which best matches your needs and budget. Several factors affect the price you pay, each is discussed in detail below so you understand what you are getting for your money.

Type interpreter(s) required

Loveconf Translations supply three types of Interpreters to suit your needs and budget

Simultaneous Interpreters - 'Real time' interpreting for international conferences
Consecutive Interpreters - 'Listen before talk' interpreting for meetings and smaller groups
Phone Interpreters - Multilingual teleconferences for business
Facilitating Interpreters - Budget solution for less demanding situations.

Due to the training and experience required, Simultaneous Interpreters are more expensive than Consecutive interpreters. Facilitating Interpreters are cheaper still and often adequate for those on tight budgets.

Duration of assignment

Interpreting assignments are charged in multiples of half a day (4 hours) with overtime charged in hours (or part thereof). Substantial discounts are available for lengthy or regular assignments so please call for the most competitive quote.

Location of assignment

Loveconf Translations' comprehensive database of interpreters means we are usually able to locate an interpreter based near to where you need them. If interpreters need to travel, we ask you to to cover their travel expenses and accommodation.

Language pairs to be interpreted

The laws of supply and demand dictate that certain language pairs command a premium over others. For example, it is not surprising that English to French interpreters are likely to be cheaper than, say, Chinese to English interpreters.

Loveconf Translations' source the most competitive quote from its huge database of interpreters on an individual assignment by assignment basis.

Depth of specialist knowledge required

Experts command a premium for their services. Specialised technical, medical and legal interpreters are likely to be more expensive than, say, general business interpreters. For this reason, we always discuss your assignment in detail before quoting to ensure we assign interpreter(s) with the appropriate level of expertise at a fair price.

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